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MAY 20 21 22 2005

Jazz all over the place plus three main concerts for only NAf. 30,-

To get in the right mood with music, good food and drinks

May 17: Jazz at Donna's & Giorgio Restaurant by Bonaire Jazz Trio starting at 7:00 pm, reservations 7173799.

May 18: Jazz at "brand new" Barracuda Club at Sand Dollar, Barbeque with Latin Quartet starting at 7:00 pm, reservations 7173985.

May 19: 7:00 pm: Welcome concert at Wilhelmina Plein with Bonaire Jazz Platform: Concert & Jam Session with local musicians, X- Hale and Stingrays until late night! Food and drinks delivered by students of SGB school, raising funds for their music- education.

At the Festival : Latin & Caribean Jazz is the main course !

May 20: 5:00 pm Sunset jazz at City Café with Bonaire Jazz Trio with guests.
  7:30 pm Main concert at Plaza Resort with Denise Jannah, Ced Ride, Cedric Dandare and Avila Blues Houseband.
  11:00 pm Late night Jazz at City Café with X Hale and jammers.
May 21: 5:00 pm Sunset Jazz at City Café with Ced Ride and Avila Blues Houseband
  7:30 pm Main concert at Bongos Beach with Cuban Express and X-Hale
  11:00 pm Late night session at City Café with Cuban Express
  11:00 pm Late night session at Karel's Bar with Stingrays
May 22: 11:30 am Jazzbrunch with Festival musicians at Rum Runners serving a special jazz menu: reservations 7178290 / 7172390
  5:00 pm Main concert at Kontiki Beach Club with Freewinds Band featuring Stacey Francis and Delbert Bernabela Band


ARTISTS:   Denise Jannah , Ced Ride, Avila Blues House band, Cuban Express, X-Hale , Delbert Bernabela Band, Freewinds Band with guests, Stacey Francis, Latin Quarter, Bonaire Jazz Trio, Stingway and many others

Tickets for sale at Plaza Resort, Kontiki, City Café, Bongos Beach, TCB , Bonaire Boekhandel and at the gates of the main concer.

Every Friday at Happy Hour time you can listen tonice Latin Jazz at Plaza Resort Bonaire at the Tipsy Seagull bar

Friday feb 25, March 18, April 8, April 29, May 20 you will find The Bonaire Jazz Trio and jamming guests at City Café

There is a nice café on Bonaire with a cosy atmosphere: Little Havanna. Go there if you want to hear the large collection of old records of Anton!

Look in the " Updates of Bonaire " for more music. City Café has almost every week something special to listen

Update Pressrelease May 30, 2005

Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, May 30, 2005 Harbourtown Bonaire Jazz Festival Successful; The Bonaire Jazz Foundation donates NAf3.500 to a Music Fund for SGB High School and Community Centers (Centro di Barios)

The first Jazz Festival ever held on Bonaire was a great success for the sponsors, the artists, the listeners and the organizers, the Bonaire Jazz Foundation. Besides that, it was a special winner for music education at the SGB High School and Community Centers (Centro di Barios).

The receipts of a fundraising concert on the M.V. Freewinds (NAf700), the estimated profits from the sale of food and beverages at the May 19th Welcome Concert in Wilhelmina Park (NAf700) and approximately 25 % of the profits of the Festival (NAf2.000) all added up to a gift of NAf3.500 which will be donated to a Music Fund governed by Rob van Lier (SGB) and Jane Emers (Coordinator-Centro di Barios). They plan to use the money to engage a project leader to prepare talented youngsters for a musical performance at the 2006 Jazz Festival.

The Harbourtown Bonaire Jazz Festival 2005 attracted 1,500 people during the three main concerts. In addition, during the Festival 15 concerts were given at 10 locations; nine different bands were involved, of which three were local groups playing Latin and Caribbean Jazz. Forty-five musicians performed in all.

There will be another Jazz Festival next year. Depending on coordination with the King of the Caribbean/Professional Windsurfing Association and the TCB, it is tentatively set or the third weekend of May 2006.

For more information contact the Jazz Foundation members: Ben Oleana 717-6092. Mirjam Geerlings 717-5369. Lando Tjin Asjoe 525-1505. Guus Gerritsen 717-4496 Email:


Geslaagd Harbourtown Bonaire Jazz Festival: Bonaire Jazz Foundation doet donatie van 3500 Naf aan op te richten Muziekfonds voor SGB en Centro di Bario 's.

Het eerste Jazzfestival op Bonaire is niet alleen een groot sukses geworden voor de sponsors, de artiesten, het publiek en de organiserende instantie, Bonaire Jazz Foundation, maar ook voor het eiland zelf en in het bizonder voor de muziekontwikkeling op de SGB en Centro di Barios. De opbrengsten van een fundraising concert op de Freewinds ( 700 Naf), de geschatte opbrengsten van food en beverages tijdens het welcome concert op het Wilhelminaplein op 19 Mei (ca 700 Naf) en ca 25 % van de positieve resultaten van het Festival ( 2000 Naf) vormen tesamen de 3500 Naf die aan het Muziekfonds geschonken wordt. Het Muziekfonds zal beheerd worden door Rob van Lier namens de SGB en Jane Emers als coordinatrice van de aktiviteiten in de Centro di Bario' s. Er zal door hen een projectleider aangezocht worden om tijdens het Festival in 2006 een muzikale uitvoering door talentvolle studenten en kinderen te laten plaatsvinden.

Het Harbourtown Bonaire Jazz Festival 2005 werd tijdens de 3 "main concerts " bezocht door in totaal ca 1500 personen. Tijdens het Festival werden in totaal 15 concerten en uitvoeringen gegeven op 10 verschillende plaatsen. Er waren hiervoor 9 verschillende bands in de weer (waarvan 3 lokale ) om het enthousiaste publiek met Latin en Caribean Jazz te vermaken. In totaal waren er meer dan vijf en veertig muzikanten bij betrokken.

In 2006 zal er opnieuw een Bonaire Jazz Festival zijn bij voorkeur in dezelfde periode in Mei mede afhankelijk van nader over met TCB en de organisatie van de King off the Caribean.

Bonaire Jazz Foundation,

Ben Oleana 7176092. Mirjam Geerlings 7175369. Lando Tjin Asjoe 5251505. Guus Gerritsen 7174496

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