Where to stay during the Harbourtown Bonaire Jazz Festival 2005

Numerous accommodation providers on island have availability during the weekend of the Harbourtown Bonaire Jazz Festival.

The organization recommends of course those accommodation providers that are also sponsoring the event:

 Name  Web  Email
 Captain Don's Habitat  www.habitatbonaire.com  bonaire@habitatdiveresorts.com
 City Café/Hotel Rochaline  www.mainstreetbonaire.com  info@mainstreetbonaire.com
 Kontiki Beachclub  www.kontikibonaire.com  info@kontikibonaire.com
 Plaza Resort Bonaire  www.plazaresortbonaire.com  info@plazaresortbonaire.com
 Yellow Crown Villa  www.bonairenet.com/yellowcrownvilla  yellowcrownvilla@bonairenet.com

Contact these accommodation providers directly, or consult your favorite travel professional.

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