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Heineken   title sponsor Heineken Music

RE/MAX Paradise Homes   main sponser RE/MAX Paradise Homes

Bonaire Fun Travel   main sponsor Bonaire Fun Travel

Littman's   main sponsor Littman

MCB Bonaire   sponsor of 25 May MCB Bonaire

Yellow Submarine / Photo Tours Divers   sponsor of 26 May Yellow Submarine

Bonaire Partners   sponsor of 27 May Bonaire Partners

Multifunction management   sponsor of 28 May Multifunction management

Tourism Corporation Bonaire   support sponsor Tourism Corporation Bonaire

Rocargo Services   support sponsor Rocargo

Russel Insurance   support sponsor
Little Havana
Russel Insurance

Den Laman Condominiums   support sponsor
Jazz & Poetry
Den Laman Condominium

Plaza Resort Bonaire   location sponsor Plaza Resort Bonaire

Kontiki Beach Club   location sponsor KontikiBeach Club

City Cafe   location sponsor CityCafe

Bongos Beach   location sponsor Bongos Beach

Little Havana   location sponsor Little Havana cigar bar

Restaurant Den Laman   location sponsor Reataurant Den Laman

BonaireNet   service sponsors BonaireNet, information, business and travel, affordable webpage design and website promotion.
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Bonaire Reporter   service sponsors Bonaire Reporter

Budget Rent a Car   service sponsors Budget Rent a Car

Party & Zo   service sponsor Party & Zo

GAIA Productions N.V.   service sponsor GAIA Productions

Bon FM   service sponsor Bon FM

Don Andres   service sponsor Don Andres

Divi Divi Air   service sponsor Divi Divi Air

Bonaire Tours & Vacations   service sponsor Bonaire Tours & Vacations

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