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About us:
The Bonaire Jazz Foundation is an initiative of people from all walks of life who live on Bonaire and love Jazz in all contemporary forms.The Bonaire Jazz Foundation started in 2005. The first annual Jazz Festival was also organized in 2005. Since then we have had three fantastic and unforgettable music events (see our reports on this website of 2005, 2006 and 2007)

Our objectives:
Our main objective is to promote jazz music on our island. This means we try to bring musicians and audience closer together by making the art form jazz more accessible to the general public.
We also support young musicians with lessons and other facilities. Every year we donate a percentage of our proceeds to music educational projects and social centers on the island. We also want to provide "Jazz lovers" with information on where to find good jazz on the island.

Without the financial support of our sponsors it would be impossible to organize the Festival. Each year we are grateful that they choose to contribute financially again.
Equally important is the time and effort spent by several volunteers to make each upcoming Festival better than the previous.
So if you feel inspired to donate cash or time please contact the board of the Bonaire Jazz Foundation.

Board of Bonaire Jazz Foundation:

Ben Oleana, voorzitter
Sjoerd Vandenbrug
Paul Maduro
Rene Hakkenberg

For more information about the Bonaire Jazz Foundation, write to:
Tel: 7178286 or 7862345
K.v.k.: S 318, Bonaire
Bank: MCB, 11404206

Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival 2008

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