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Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival 2008


A long weekend of JAZZ & SALSA
for jazz & salsa lovers on Bonaire



This year Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival promises to be the best yet. In the past few years we have been very fortunate to have some of the worlds most talented and successful musicians perform on our islands Jazz Festival.

In 2008 we aimed to find a sublime combination of Caribbean flavored jazz mixed with jazz from other parts of the world, such as North America. We are very proud to have Izaline Callister featuring as our main act. Furthermore Willy Martinez and his band are coming all the way from New York to liven up our party for another main act

As said before we have put together a special blend of artists who offer the audience musical diversity and jazz music of the highest level. Because of this diversity the Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival has something to offer to everyone.

The unique seaside setting and excellent food of one of the best hotels on the island contribute to a vibrant Caribbean ambiance that you just have to experience. And if you really want to get up close to your favorite musicians join a late night jam session at one of Bonaire's hotspots. So don't miss the 4th annual Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival from May 22nd to May 25th.

Bonaire Jazz Foundation

The Program of 2008:

 May 21  

Prelude to the Festival


5 pm: Opening Art exhibition at Kas di Arte with live jazz

7 pm: Excellent Indonesian Food with live Jazz in Restaurant "The Reef"



Life Streaming time:
Friday: 7 PM - 11 PM
Saturday: 7 PM - 11 PM

Tickets for the Jazz Brunch:
Divi Flamingo Resort
Prices $25.- or NAfl 45,-

Presale Tickets at:
Plaza Resort
Divi Flamingo Resort
Flamingo Bookstore
valerie's Airportshop
Hotel Rochaline

Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival 2008
 May 22  



5pm: Art exhibtion at Kas di Arte with live Jazz

730 pm: Opening of the Festival at Fort Oranje with Jazz and Poetry.
Tica and Foyan Boys
Krusa Musica Bonaire
Izaline Calister and her Trio
The setting of this opening is on Fort Oranje with a romantic view on the sea with jazz and poems of our island and abroad.
Listen to the magic of The evening is especially sponsored by Caribean Laundry and MCB.
Entrance tickets for 10 Ang at the gate

 May 23

Main concert


5pm: Art exhibtion at Kas di Arte with live Jazz


730 pm: Main concert at Plaza Resort with:
Student Band Bonaire with special guest Scott Katzev (sax) and others Frankie Janga Quintet from Aruba Izaline Calister and her Band from The Netherlands and Curacao

Tickets: 30 Ang at the gate or for presale at well known addresses.
Students half price After the main concerts there are jam sessions in local café's and bars

 May 24

Main concert


730 pm: Main concert at Plaza Resort with:

John Hilgers R & B group with guest Scott Katzev on saxes Pablo Gil and his Empatia group from Venezuela Willie Martinez and his Familia Sextet from New York City


Tickets: 30 Ang at the gate or at well known presale addresses. Students half price

After the main concerts there are jam sessions in local café, s and bars

 May 25

After Party


At 1130 am: Jam session with Festival Musicians at Divi Flamingo with a delicious brunch for $ 25.-. Join a high quality closure of the Festival with our artists


Visit Bonaire Jazz Foundationfor information and program 2005, 2006 & 2007

The Bonaire Jazz Foundation: linking musicians and listeners
The Foundation is an initiative of musicians and jazz lovers. The board consists of residents of the island and is independent and registered as a foundation on Bonaire (S 318 )
The Festival of 2005 was organized by the foundation in cooperation with locations and sponsors; furthermore the foundation exploits a website with all information about jazz : where to go for listening , where to go for playing or to meet other musicians.

Committee of recommendation :
Ben Oleana - businessman
Benito Dirksz - businessman
Co de Koning - consultant
Henk Roozendaal - painter & musician (
Hugo Leter - president Suriname community
Larry Gerharts - businessman
Linda Anthony - journalist & vocalist
Nilco Rollan - union representative
Richard Hart - former governor of Bonaire
Raymundo Saleh - former governor of Bonaire

Bonhata (Bonaire Hotel Organization)
TCB ( Tourist Board of Bonaire)


Bonaire is a small island with a strong cultural and musical identity. This is evident by looking at the great number of local musicians and musical groups on the island. Here, you can listen to all kinds of music; tumba, reggae, salsa, meringues and all those sounds which have a lot in common with jazz: syncopes, swinging rhythms and improvisation.
From that perspective it was not surprising that Bonaire had a blossoming jazz club for many years and a great number of good jazz musicians playing Latin and Caribbean jazz mixed with the musical spice of the island itself.
Guus Gerritsen: "The idea for a jazz festival on Bonaire was formed after our visit to the Surinam Jazz Festival in October 2005. After the offical jazz bands presentations were over we were invited to play along with local groups in pubs and bars of the side the festival stages. The city of Paramaribo turned into a swinging place!
We met Denise Jannah, our featured star in this Bonaire Jazz Festival, and we performed a wonderful "Summertime" together, an act never to be forgotten.
On our way home we made up our minds: let's do this also in Bonaire. We have the opportunities, the locations for concerts and the island would welcome a new yearly event.
Once again, thanks to all our sponsors we will have another wonderful event this year.

Bonaire Jazz Foundation

Ben Oleana
Sjoerd vanden Brug
Rene Hakkenberg
Paul Maduro
Errol Martha

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